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Jeff Crozier


Jeff Crozier is the Interim President of Rocky Mountain Métis Association. Jeff has lived in Cranbrook for 30 years with his wife Dee-Anne and their 3 children. Jeff was in his mid 40’s when he discovered his Metis heritage and since then has taken the time and energy to discover what it means to be Metis. He has a heart to see other Metis stand up and be proud of our rich history and to walk away from the shame that has blanketed many many Métis people. 

Jeff’s family line includes Bellerose, Gladue and Chalifoux. He loves serving RMMA in the capacity of president as it allows him to interact with members of RMMA as well as grants him the privilege of shaping our nation through involvement with the greater Métis Nation of British Columbia.

Madilynn Crozier

Vice President

Madilynn Crozier was born and raised in Cranbrook, BC. She grew up not knowing of her Métis heritage until she was 17, where she fully embraced her culture and heritage. Always eager to try new things, she has traveled to Asia, Spain, France, England and most recently Scotland and loves experiencing the vast array of cultures around the world, she is still thrilled to call
Cranbrook her home.

Madilynn is grateful for the opportunity to serve on the RMMA board of directors and looks forward to new opportunities within the Metis Nation of British Columbia.

Suzanne Fiddler

Secretary / Treasurer / Elder

Suzanne was born in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan and spent the majority of her childhood in Kimberley BC and as an adult moved to several other communities in BC, Eventually, Suzanne moved back to Cranbrook in October 2018 to be closer to her family and still resides in Cranbrook. She is a descendent of the founders of the first Metis Nation.

Her ancestors resided at Red River for approximately 60 years. Suzanne’s ancestor, Peter Fidler, surveyed the land before the Selkirk Settlers came to settle in Red River in 1812. She is a descendant of Parentau, Delorme, Normand and Fidler.

Dan Innes

Board of Directors / Elder

Dan was was born in southern Alberta and spent his childhood and adult life in the Kootenays, raising his family in Marysville where he resides today.  His Metis roots are in Batoche, a descendant of Ignace Poitras Sr & Jr, and grandmother Justina Bilyk (nee: Poitras).  He is a father, grandfather, brother, and uncle. His interests are woodworking, metalworking, hunting, fishing, and harvesting in the East and West Kootenays. 

Dan is a Director for RMMA. He is a proud Metis man and MNBC citizen and in his retirement is honoured to support his local on various committees and in service to Metis people and their relations.

Amy Cross

Board of Directors / Cultural

Amy Cross is a Board Director of the Rocky Mountain Métis Association. She is a proud Métis woman, that seamlessly weaves her Métis cultural heritage into every aspect of her life. With over 30 years of experience in the Indigenous field, her heart lies with the Métis people and their rich culture. Amy draws inspiration from Métis Elders like Marie Schoenthal and Jeannette Hansen, both esteemed Métis Elders with national recognition.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Amy connects with nature, infusing her love for the environment into her artistic endeavours. Currently residing in Cranbrook, BC, Amy is married with two children. Her latest passion is
pebble art, culminating in the establishment of her business, “Pebble Art from Nature”.

Shannon Georgopoulos


Shannon Georgopoulos née Ballendine, is a Métis Citizen and has lived and worked in Cranbrook for 36 years. She discovered in 2012 that she is Métis, and went on the task of tracking down her family genealogy, history, and what the Métis cultural is. Her proud Métis
ancestral heritage is Cree, Scottish and Norwegian. Her family names include of Ballendine, Cardinal, Ermineskin, Fiddler, Blondeau and Sayers. Some of her Métis family laid roots in Battleford, Saskatchewan in the late 1800s and had an integral part in the earlier fur trades.

She is also proud of her ancestors for being honored for their part in WW2, earning a chapter called, The Fighting Ballendine’s in the Elinor Florence book – My Favorite Veterans. She is humbled to have been chosen to be a part of the Rocky Mountain Métis board of directors and hopes to be a part of building the community, connecting with the region and fostering relationships within it.

Shannon is an avid reader, loves scary movies, trivia, travelling, and most  recently has picked up
fish scale art and beading. “I consider myself to be a life longer learner and have just started to learn about our local herbology and its medicinal benefits.” She is a part of the College of the Rockies alumni and an international host family. If you don’t find her at home, you’ll find her enjoying the beautiful traditional lands of the Ktunaxa first nations with her family and friends.

Maxine Adshead


I am married to my wonderful husband of 51 years. We have 2 grown children and 3 grandchildren. I moved to Cranbrook 43 years ago to take the position of Head Nurse of Psychiatry. I was involved in the functional planning and the building of the Psychiatric Unit. Once the inpatient unit was opened, I then started the Psychiatric Out Patient Department which eventually amalgamated with Mental Health.  I specialized in group and individual therapy with a major focus on borderline personality disorder (now known as Emotional Dysregulation Disorder) and working with individuals who experienced psychological trauma. I led Assertive Training groups for forty years which I think will be an asset in my work on the board.

Due to prejudices and my mother’s experiences in residential day school I was shielded from the knowledge of my Metis heritage. I was 14 when I learned that we had indigenous heritage but my siblings and I kept this information to ourselves. My daughter was instrumental in researching our heritage.  I have heard many Metis mention just 3 family names related to their heritage however I will share my family line differently. My maternal grandfather’s lineage is Laberge, Lafournaise,  Larocque, L’Iroquois,  Laberge, and Larence. 

My maternal grandmother’s lineage is Grant, Morin, Guiboche, Ganon, and McIvor. Since becoming a citizen of MNBC I have come to realize many Metis cultural practices were an everyday part of my upbringing.  The food, the music, caring for others and sewing skills were
some of those practices.

Christine Stanvick


Currently I am the Training & Career Counselor for Mètis Nation BC in the Skills Training, Education, post-secondary (STEPS) department. I have been in my role for over 4 years now and my passion for this work has only increased as I see our citizens succeeding in their dreams with their career journeys. Also, it is with great respect that I was able to serve as the community navigator for Rocky Mountain Mètis Association in 2019 and assist with community needs.

My greatest love is to empower citizens by supporting them in their education journey and guiding them in culture. During my role I have been able to create community relationships throughout my regional area and make connections for students, employers, schools, colleges and stakeholders from Cranbrook to Grand forks, to Golden. I always look for ways to strengthen my
knowledge with taking an training that is available for me, currency through my community and work I have been able to take training such; Gender Bias training, Lateral kindness, suicide prevention, to name a few.
I grew up a local, living in Wardner and moving to Jaffray in grade 4.

I then moved to the coast in a beautiful location, Chilliwack, BC for 25 years where I gained my schooling and life skills. My passion to help others started with my volunteer work in the local retirement homes with sharing my knowledge of crafting with guiding and teaching residents. My overall passion is painting,
which I discovered in 2017 and have painted over 100 paintings using the acrylic art form but I also discovered my love of Spray paint art while on vacation in Mexico. In the last 10 years I have delved more into my cultural crafts and learning more about my culture.

Hannah Fenner


Tansi! My name is Hannah Fenner I use she/her pronouns. I have lived here in Cranbrook almost my whole life. I was raised knowing about my Métis heritage from my Mom and Kokum. I was also taught how to jig by Amy Cross when I was 8 years old. I currently am a student at the College of the Rockies and studying biology with hopes of working in the health sciences.

I am thankful for this opportunity with RMMA and I look forward to increasing my involvement in the community.

Linda Miller


My name is Linda Miller, I currently live in Cranbrook BC. I am a retired chef, mother of 2 grandmother of 5. I was born and raised in Watrous Saskatchewan. When I was 16 we moved to BC. I have always known that I was Metis, but never really knew what that meant. This last 5 years has been the biggest learning adventure of my life. I look forward to many many more. I look forward to serving the citizens of our Association.

Shay Atwood

Community Navigator

Shay was born and raised in Cranbrook BC. Her childhood was filled with lots of love and time spent outdoors. Some of her fondest memories are time spent camping and fishing with her family or spending time in the garden with her Grandparents in PA, Saskatchewan. Shay has always lived in the Kootenays and resides here now. She is very proud to be Metis. Her Metis roots are in the Lindsey District, Saskatchewan, and stem from the Red River Settlement, Manitoba. Her descendants are parents Cindy and Allan Atwood and Grandparents Gordan and Silvia Pocha and Alvin and Beatrice Atwood.  

Shay is honoured to be a Metis Citizen and now works as a Community Navigator for the Rocky Mountain Metis Association here in beautiful Cranbrook BC. She is proud to be a part of the community and knows she is making her Grandparents proud that she has embraced her Metis heritage. Some of Shay’s hobbies include but are not limited to fly tying, making dreamcatchers, looming jewelry, gardening, aquascaping, dirt biking, hiking, fishing, foraging & shopping.

People who know Shay would say she is strong, kind, funny, compassionate, and caring.  She hopes to set roots down in the Kootenays one day but in the meantime will be just living life on life’s terms.